Technology application

Technology application


Technical application
1 Blade Tip Timing and Blade Tip Clearance
Utilizing the tip timing technology and non-contacting tip sensors (optical, eddy current, or capacitance sensor), to test the dynamic rotor blades synchronous and asynchronous vibration in spin pit or real engine. Use the capacitive sensors to measure the tip clearance at high temperature up to 1400deg C.

2 High Temperature Pressure measurement
Use sapphire diaphragm and fiber technology to measure the pressure at high temperature up to 1000 deg C to detect the high frequency combustion pulse.

3 Different Rake and probe
For different measurement such as temperature, pressure and flow…

4 High Temperature Measurement
We provide the high temperature thermocouple, thermal paints and Uniform Crystal Temperature sensors to measure the dynamic temperature for gas turbines.

5 Dynamic Data Acquisition, analysis and management
Thousands channels acquire the dynamics data at 100kHz bandwidth each channels with 24bits A/D. Real time monitor the data and post analysis of data, Huge volume data management.

6 Rotation signal transmission
Two technologies are available: high speed slip ring and Sensor Telemetries

7 High Speed Gearbox and test system
The high speed gearbox from Voith BHS, High speed spin testing facility from Barbour Stockwell Inc. for rotor components over speed, LCF, HCF and burst testing.

8 High speed torque meter
High speed torque meter for aero engine component testing stand

9 Gas turbine Health Monitoring
Use the special sensor to monitor the metal particles in the lubrication pipes of the turbine, counting and sizing the particles, so to report the important components’ (gear, bearing) wearing condition, make alarm and warning.
Use the Charge sensor to measure particle in the exhaust gas of gas turbine to diagnose the potential problem in the gas turbine.

10 Total aero engine test stand
Design and manufacture different aero engine and components testing stand